Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Shoe: I Have It!

I always post what I want, when my closet(s) are full of some of today's hottest fashions! 
So I am going to start mixing in what I already have!
I wore this shoe to church today. It was very comfortable despite the 4" heel! 
Click the link to order your own :o)
Carlos Santana -- Curiosity in Pewter

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Update on my "35" List

Okay, we are two months into the new year, let's see where I am with my list for this next year! I am only going to leave in the ones that I have been working on or that are supposed to be done on a regular, measurable basis. Let's see.

2. Increase tithes. The Lord has blessed me indeed. I owe Him. (I started doing better with my tithes towards the end of last year. I am still working on the increase.)
4. Blog at least 3x/week/blog. (FAIL, hopefully this will get better..welp)
6. Wear perfume daily. I love perfume and have many different scents...Elizabeth Arden's "Pretty," Marc Jacobs' "Daisy," Calvin Klein's "Euphoria," and Estee Lauder's "Beautiful," just to name a few. No sense in saving scents for Sunday! I am looking to add Armani's "Acqua di Giola" to the stash soon. (I have done okay with this. Most of my scents are springy and light, with the exception of Euphoria, so I haven't worn perfume EVERY day, but I do wear it more than I used to...I also smelled the Acqua di Giola and I didn't care for it much.)
9. Plan my meals weekly and use fresh vegetables as much as possible. (Doing a little better with this, baby steps)
10. Take my puppy to the dog park at least twice a month. (It's been a little cold. So we haven't gone to the dog park, but we have gone to a Mutts & Martinis event at a local dog store and she has really enjoyed herself.)
11. Cook breakfast more, rather than buying it. (Haven't been doing too well here. I don't get up on time.)
12. Eat out no more than 3x/month. I have it bad eating out Friday night, Saturday night, and then Sunday after church. This HAS to stop. (It's slowed down but I still eat out WAY too much)
13. Exercise at least 2x/week + 1 class minimum. (I am doing very well with this. I am proud of myself. I haven't been to any classes though...they just bore me.)
15. Take the meds and vitamins that have been prescribed by my doctor on a daily basis. (Doing horrible here.)
17. Plan monthly outings for my mentees. (What mentees? LOL I have failed here.)
19. Deep condition my hair weekly. (FAIL)
20. Be a better friend to my real friends. (I think this one is going great. I am also weeding out fake friends.)
23. Clean out my garage. Totally transform it. (I have started tackling this. Baby steps.)
26. Eliminate clutter in my home, one room at a time. As I get older, clutter annoys me. (FAIL, with the exception of the garage.)
28. Change purses weekly. I have too many purses to carry the same one for months. Just ridiculous. (Have done very well with this!!)
30. Pay all of my bills ON TIME. (This is getting better. I have most of my bills set on autopay.)
31. Decrease spending. (FAIL)
34. Go to the movies at least once a month. (I missed for January..I still have a few days left in this month. We'll see!!)
35. Buy and replace one bra per month. Don't laugh. I'm serious. LOL (See..what had happened was...I did miss January..BUT I went to Lane Bryant today and purchased three new bras!! Woot woot!! Now to figure out which ones to get rid of!)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Travel: Puerto Rico!

In a few short months, several friends and I will be taking a much needed vacation to beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico!!! It has been difficult being the coordinator of such a trip. We didn't really have a destination in mind when we started planning. The purpose of the trip is to celebrate my bestie's emancipation!!! LOL
We knew that we wanted to go somewhere tropical and it was important that the spot be fun. I mean have you ever heard of tropical without fun? LOL We preferred that it be out of the United States, but some people in the group don't have passports...*eyeroll* Please people, get a's important these days. I haven't even used mine, but I have, what if I woke up tomorrow morning and had a legit email that said, "You won a trip to Paris, but you can only go tomorrow!" All I have to do is pack a bag, whip my passport out, and get on a plane!
So anyway, with that said. I am sooooo excited!! Puerto Rico is a part of the U.S. Territories, so you don't have to have a passport to go. I am so ready for the beach, the casino, the drinks, and the fun! This trip was so inexpensive that I am considering going somewhere tropical at least twice a year!! We'll see how that works out.

What's your favorite destination?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

14 Things that I Love!

As I catch up on my Google Reader while the Super Bowl is on, I came across The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style list of things that she loves in honor of Valentine's Day...and I thought that it'd be cute to show off my things :) Please know that this list is not all inclusive, and these are just things that are coming to my head...yes...they are mostly materialistic....and? LOL

1. HTC Evo. My phone. It's all that. Sure is. 
2. Facebook. Which can be easily accessed via #1!
3. Macy's. I could spend a whole check there. Yup..sure could. 
4. My puppy! I have told many dates...Madison and I are a package. LOL
5. My church!! The James is the best church to go to Heaven from.
6. SLEEP. Need I say more? 
7. Music. If it holds my attention, more than likely it's in rotation on my mp3 player. 
8. The Dallas Cowboys. Win or lose, they are still MY TEAM! 
9. Traveling!!!!
10. Pina Coladas!!!!! 
11. Candles. Lighting one really calms me down. 
12. Shoes. My weakness. I buy them even if I can only wear them once. 
13. COACH. This is more like an addiction. 95% of the time, I am carrying Coach.
14. Pappadeaux. I mean...who in their right mind doesn't love Pappadeaux?

What are your top 14?